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Let’s Talk About: White Buffalo

Before I started making jewelry, I never paid much attention to turquoise- honestly.  To me turquoise was just this plain blue color that wasn’t interesting at all and I generally gravitated towards anything but turquoise.  Once I started making jewelry, I noticed turquoise was the stone of choice and I quickly discovered why.  The variety of colors and matrices are amazing! I never knew there were so many different types of turquoise and now I would like to share some of them with you.    Since my January update was White Buffalo heavy, I decided to start there.  So technically White Buffalo isn’t true turquoise, it’s a calcite and lacks copper which gives true turquoise its color; but, it is...

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Welcome To Fina Moon Silver Studio!

I’m so excited to finally share what I’ve been working hard on.  I love silversmithing but it can be slow moving, especially with a little girl running around.  So it feels like I’ve been working on this first collection forever.       This first collection, “Tiny Flaws,” is a 15 piece collection that features high quality turquoise, patina, and stamping.  It was definitely still a learning experience. I made my first earwires ever for the two dangle earrings and I will probably not use the heavy gauge for the bangle cuffs again, or at least not for a very long time.      As the name suggests, “Tiny Flaws” contains a handful of tiny flaws that you may or may...

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